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mmmmsmurf's Journal

20 May 1982

there be no law 'pon the sea.
adult swim, alcohol, alice's restaurant, amélie, angelina jolie, anne sexton, arlo guthrie, audrey tatou, beer, belle and sebastian, black keys, blackhaus, bob dylan, borders, boston, bright eyes, catch-22, cd shopping, chocolate soy milk, chris the ninja pirate, christopher guest, damien rice, dan bern, dashboard confessional, degrassi, dive bars, donkey, dostoevsky, dowling, drinking, driving around aimlessly, e.e. cummings, empire records, f. scott fitzgerald, family guy, fire island, foxfire, gabriel garcia marquez, ghost world, ginsberg, harry potter, heineken, home movies, huntington village, iron and wine, janis joplin, jonathan ames, joni mitchell, karen o, kerouac, kevin smith, kids in the hall, kimya dawson, l'auberge espangole, leonard cohen, lomein, long island, magnetic fields, mallrats, mary prankster, mexico, michael chabon, milan kundera, mix tapes, modest mouse, mountain goats, music journalism, my kitties, new york city, nirvana, okkervil river, orwell, patti smith, patty griffin, pedro the lion, pirate house, pirates, reading, rilo kiley, roller derby, rushmore, ryan adams, salinger, strokes, strong bad, suburbia, t.s. eliot, taken by trees, that 70s show, the ataris, the beach, the hold steady, the magnetic fields, the moldy peaches, the mountaingoats, the postal service, the shins, the smiths, the weakerthans, the wind-up bird chronicles, the yeah yeah yeahs, tofu, tom waits, traveling wilburys, upright citizens brigade, velvet underground, waking life, weebl and bob, wes anderson, white stripes, wilco, winter caps, wonderboys, writing